Recycle Project Update:

January 10, 2017

Dear friends,

As many of you are aware I started this recycle project in September 2016. I would like to report as to how much funds that have been generated from this project so that everyone will be aware and hopefully encourage more members to join and contribute to this important fund raising event.

1.CASH TO TAA ACCOUNTANT on 3 September 2016  Amount $ 319.90

2.CASH TO TAA ACCOUNTANT on 30 September 2016  Amount $ 261.45

Cash Donations Merilyn Coach hill amount $40.00

Cash Donations Tenzin Lhamo amount $25.00

3.CASH TO TAA ACCOUNTANT on 10 December  2016  Amount $ 319.00


I would like to convey special THANK YOU to Dolma and Kim Dejikhangsar family for supporting this project as they were the main contributors for the recycle program.

I am also conveying my thank you to everyone who has contributed towards this fund raising endeavor and I request each and every one to bring your recycle items to our Community house whenever you can manage. If it is possible please spread the word to other members that we have this fund raising project going on.

Let us try and generate over $1500.00 for the year 2017

Thank you to everyone

Tashi Rubling

TAA Executive